Polygonal Tent - 01

Polygonal canopy is in the hexagonal, octagonal, ten-fold, twelve-sided on the basis of the roof into a steeple style, making the shape more beautiful. Polygonal tents have a variety of optional configurations to make their functions and uses further expanded. Common configurations - glass curtain walls with transparent PVC windows, glass doors, ABS hardware walls, all transparent tarpaulins and side walls Cloth, floor systems, drainage side wall cloth, anchor anchor, column bearing plate, ceiling and so on.

Polygonal tent design advanced, safe and stable, anti-wind speed of 80 km / h, disassembly fast, convenient, storage and transportation of small size for the new polygon to avoid worries. With the increasing demand for polygons in China, in order to meet the different needs of various customers, Boreal tents continue to improve and innovate in practice, develop a variety of new and beautiful polygonal tents for customers need.

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